We'll listen to you

SO! How do we create an effective campaign for you?

We will now take you through how to plan, design, print and distribute your campaign. There’s lots to consider, so we take you through step by step…and the first step is listening to what you hope to achieve.

We plan your Campaign

Consider who you are looking to target, i.e who do you want walking through your door? Together we establish your target audience and work through the following key areas: When (start date), frequency (drip effect marketing), quantity, design, print and shared or solus distribution.

We'll design your flyer or you can provide us design

Nobody cares what you want to sell, they only care about what they want to buy…and it’s our job to present your product in their hands so they will want to buy it. We have created a 3 stage design strategy so you receive maximum returns from your campaign.

We'll print your flyer or you can provide us printed material.

Once you have great design, then the print quality needs to match. Choosing the type of print for your business is key.


Paper Weight

Paper Finish  

We'll distribute your flyers

It’s time for our distribution teams to hit the streets . This is the moment you have been waiting for – to have your flyers distributed so you can start to see your business grow.

Lets look through a few key areas to reassure you that your flyers are going out to the right people at the right time:

Your campaign is pre-planned at Head office, and verified by you
All distributors are fully employed, fully trained and well experienced
All distributors have specific maps with specific instructions to follow
All distributors are supported by a Distribution Manager who ensures each day goes exactly according to plan